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The Vatheia is the most imposing exaltation of a landscape which anyway is famous for its uniqueness. As the visitor catches the edge of the charm of Mani landscape of Areopolis and travels between towers, old churches, traditional villages and playful sea and the dry mountains, after Alice feels that along with continental Europe ends here the enjoyment.

Mani but the surprise in store as the most powerful image. In one of the many street corners disclosed Vatheia, built in a prominent position as a citadel on the hilltop.

The towers, houses, churches, oil presses somewhere 150 buildings, streets and ROUGA squeezed to fit all the small plateau of the peak, overlooking the one polyschimi the coast and the other dry, rugged mountains. The Vatheia has occupied this peak for centuries. Historical sources talk about it from the mid-16th century.

Today’s settlement stood on the hill especially after the 18th century, flourished in the 19th and began to decline from the early 20th century. In the 19th century the settlement had about 300 residents who were actively engaged in basic grain cultivation, animal husbandry, hunting and piracy.