Our Car Rental Tips & tricks

Everyone wants to find the cheapest way to rent a car. Travel costs add up fast so knowing how to save money is essential.While it is reassuring to go with a name you know, the most familiar companies are not necessarily the cheapest. The big names in the rental car industry operate hundreds of locations and win on convenience and selection. Often smaller companies and independents offer cheaper deals, give a local company a chance!

Rental cars are often a key part of any trip (business or pleasure). If you are a leisure traveler, it is likely that a rental car plays a large role in the success of your trip (ever tried cramming a family of 4 into a small Kia?!?).

As you search online, you’ll notice ‘pay now’ versus ‘pay later’. Unless you’re making your car rental reservation within 24-48 hours of picking it up, it’s always better to pay later. Check out the cancellation policy, to prevent surprises.

At MHK you only pay 25% of the rental sum, to make your reservation. We need to ask for a small payment to prevent ‘no-shows’. This is fully refundable prior 14 days of pick-up date, no questions asked!


Here are some great Rental Car Tips that every traveler needs to know.


Book early to save money

Typically, the earlier your reserve your car the better rates you will get. As the cars on the rental company lot get reserved, prices start to go up.


Rent from the rental car company directly to save money

Go direct and skip sites who organize complete traveling packages.


Reserve the rental car only for the days you need

If your holiday starts in a city, there are likely to be hotel shuttles and public transportation options to help you transfer and get around in the city. When it is time to travel to the country side, choose a rental car pick-up location at their office location or close by (so no transportation costs are added).

But be aware!!! A short hire period (1 to 4 days) is more expensive per day then a week-hire. Choose wisely.


Rent only the type of car you need

Do not pay for more car than you need. In many cases economy cars are perfect. Think about the following:

How many people and bags need to fit in the car
What type of roads will you be driving on
What will the weather be like

Please be aware, that economy cars are suited for maximum 4 persons (due to number of seatbelts available). Also to fit in many suitcases into a car can be challenging. We advise to  travel with soft travel bags instead of hardcase suitcases. If that’s not an option, we at MHK have for some categories, roof racks available. Please reserve them upfront as these are limited and also not available for every category.



Book using a discount code

Often organizations will offer their discounted rates. Always search for discountcodes! MHK also works with discount codes, check our Instagram / Facebook pageregularly to get the discount-codes.


Mileage restrictions

Most vehicles come with unlimited mileage, meaning you could drive from north to south Greece without incurring any extra costs. At MHK there is only mileage limitation of 100 km per day if you rent a car for less then 4 days.

Not all rental cars are created equal when it comes to how much gas they use. When planning for a long trip in a rental, take a few minutes to compare the fuel efficiency of the available vehicles.


Read the fine print

Look for hidden fees, taxes or “does not include” phrases to make sure that the price on your booking is the true final costs. It does not hurt to email or phone the companies directly to confirm the price of the online booking. We at MHK are there to help you!


Where there is smoke, there’s extra costs

Rental cars are ‘smoke free’ so if you are a smoker, either don’t light up in a rental car or be prepared to pay up the extra cleaning costs of €100, –


Obey all Traffic Laws

Hopefully, this one is obvious. Speeding, illegal parking, and reckless driving will likely result in tickets and fines, not to mention the danger to yourself and others.Read the signs and respect all local road rules

Travelers who get tickets while driving a rental should pay them ASAP. It is cheaper for the traveler to do so, because an administrative fee is added tot the ticket if paid by the rental company.


Returning your rental car

Make sure the fuel level is the same as you have pick-upped the rental car. Also,double check the seat pockets, door pockets, center console, back seats and trunk for personal items. You will be surprised, what we‘ll find from sunglasses, bracelets to jackets. If our MHK-team find any items, we will inform you by email.



Leaving a review

Also, at the end of your trip, leave a review. This way you will contribute to the travel community. By leaving honest reviews, you will help other inexperienced travelers.


MHK is dedicated to provide a far and transparent Car Rental experience for all customers, without any hidden fees or unnecessary insurance. We would like to thank you for choosing MHK as your car rental provider and for allowing us to be a part of your unforgettable journey. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free rental experience from start to finish. We hope to welcome you back soon!