Adventures made easy: travelling in the region of Peloponnesus with Laura

Laura is a frequent traveller in the region of Peloponnesus. She arrives from Italy in winter, to Athens International Airport and during summer to Kalamata airport. Flexibility is key to her adventures, dictated by the nature of her visits. In a conversation with Laura during her most recent trip, she highlighted the reasons behind her loyalty to MHK and why it stands out among the multitude of car rental options available.

Why did you choose for rental company Master Holiday Kalamata?

In the past I used Google, but I just saw an advertisement on Instagram, my eye fell on the on the word Kalamata. I needed someone local, and flexible. In my lane of work, I’m an influencer, I don’t always know how long I will need a car. I need the freedom to extend the hire period. In my first contact with MHK, they were understanding to my needs and gave me a good competitive price for 3, and 5, and 7 days hire period. Also, I could use the possibility to leave my rental car at Athens International Airport as my flight from Transavia was leaving from there. For my next visit, I will fly Kalamata directly as Transavia has a direct flight as well.

Did you like the rental car you were given?

When asked about her experiences with the cars provided by MHK, Laura praised the extensive range available, from economy models to compact SUVs, all magnificently maintained. Her preference leans towards economy cars for their ease of parking and fuel efficiency. However, being a returning customer, she often finds herself pleasantly surprised with complimentary upgrades to a convertible. “I really enjoy this when I drive down the boulevard with an open roof top, the wind in my hair” said Laura smiling.

Do you look at fuel efficiency?

To be honest I don’t specifically look at that. I just want a nice ride. But when I needed a car to do a trip to Athens and Thessaloniki, they advised me to rent an Alfa Romeo Diesel. It is still a flashy car but with a very economic fuel consumption.

How do you know which type of insurance you need to select?

As I work as an influencer, I don’t want to be burdened with extra cost in case of an accident. Therefore I chose to have the Full Damage Waiver Insurance. In the winter I stayed in a nice hotel next to the beach, with an outside parking. In the morning I was in my car ready to go to a client. At that time another car bumped into my rear end of my car.  I’ve called MHK and told them what happened, they informed me what I needed to do regarding filling in the accident report. All the hassle of paperwork, and repair was handled by MHK. It allowed me to focus on my commitments without unnecessary stress,” she explained.

Conclusion, recommended?

I would recommend hiring your car from MHK. They are friendly, and service oriented. They will give you travel tips as well, what to visit. The young and dynamic team at MHK doesn’t just rent cars; they create experiences, Laura concludes. Their familiarity with the region’s hidden gems, hotspots, and culinary delights saves me time while ensuring I don’t miss out on the must-visit locations. For anyone planning a visit, I’d suggest following them on Instagram and find out for yourself!