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Welcome to the Website of Master Holiday Kalamata (MHK). You will find here information regarding car rental, rates, special offers and frequently asked questions.

We are located on Politechniou-Nea Eisodos in Kalamata. Not even 10 minutes away from the airport of Kalamata (6 km). Also we’ll deliver your rental car to any desired location. For your convenience our delivery service is 24/7 available and in many cases without additional charge.

Find your exclusive deal for car rental

We have attractive offers for daily, weekly and long term car rental. Take a look at our own diverse stock of rental cars.

Our prices are competitive and our service is reliable.

Choose the car category which suites you the best. Will you choose a van, luxurious car, SUV, a sports car or go for a cabriolet?

You also have the possibility to choose extra options. You will find your way to your destination easily with a navigation system. A radio with Bluetooth will create extra joy on your journey. Do you travel with children? Choose a baby-seat or a chair raiser so that they safely can enjoy the ride.

Nowadays more and more people enjoy driving an automatic gearbox. This is a very comfortable way of driving which they are used to. In most of the cases it is possible to rent a car of your choice with an automatic gearbox. So you don’t have to shift gears, when you are not used to do so anymore. How great is that!

To get a quotation is very easy and can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to ask for a quotation is via e-mail. You can also call our office or if you prefer visit our office. Choose what you like. If your reservation is confirmed by our office, you can cancel it free of charge up to 14 days in advance.

What do I get?

We want to help you to choose the right rental car. Before you book, we want to show you everything that you need to know. On basis of reviews of customers, what is included and pick-up information, we’ll give you all the facts so that you can make the right choice.

Driving a car carries risks, accidents are not always preventable. Damages have to be repaired and fortunately MHK is well insured. Just like many insurances there is an Excess (Own Risk) of the costs that first needs to be paid by the renter. In case of damage caused in your hiring period this Excess (Own Risk) will be charged to you. You have to pay a deposited to ensure the Excess (Own Risk) payment.

All our rental cars are by default CWD-covered with an Excess (Own Risk) of €750 for the Economy Category, of €1200 for the Medium Category, of €1500  for the Premium category and €2000,- for the Van Category. For only 5-20€ (depending on the category) per day you can lower the Excess amount (Own Risk) to €0,00. This is FDW cover. The hight of the deposit is equal to your Excess (Own Risk) + the rental fee.

You often hear horror stories regarding damages of car rental companies. Due to that reason we always conduct the vehicle check together with the renter. In case of any damages on pick-up, we’ll log it. This will prevent hassle! Also during checking in, returning of the vehicle we’ll write down damages if present. Incase of damages we’ll inform you how this will be proceeded. You will always be well informed!

Local expertise

We would like that hiring a car is an unforgettable and pleasant experience. Therefore we employ friendly and helpful employees and select suppliers with a good reputation and in depth local knowledge. So you will have optimal experience.

Find exclusive deals in our Master Collection

Take a look at our Master-Collection: luxurious, fully accessorized rental cars. You can drive them yourself or be driven by a chauffeur (a few cars can only be rented with a chauffeur). A luxurious car with chauffeur will safely & comfortably bring you or your guests to your destination. Whatever your wishes are, with our professional service you’ll be driven in an appropriate way: in case you desire a chauffeur for business travel, marriage, other special celebration or transport to your holiday location. Make your selection from our Collection.

Please contact us, for your specific rates.

We safely use your private information

When you pick-up your rental car you need to bring your driving license and your passport or identity card. This is an extra check, we need to verify our customers for insurance purposes. Therefore, we are obliged to copy these documents.

You pay only 25% of your rental sum for confirmation of reservation

To confirm your reservation please proceed to a payment of a 25% of the rental sum as deposit. The deposit is fully refundable in case of cancellation prior 14 days before the agreed delivery date of you car.

If you return your car without damages, then your deposit will be refunded the next working day.

Great, you have hired a car! These are the most important rental conditions:

  • The prices on our website are included VAT. The listed prices do not include fuel.
  • You have to have at least for 1 year a valid driving license, and your age need to be between 23 and 75 years. Also, you need to identify yourself by passport or identity card. If you are younger or older please contact us and ask for possibilities. If you do not hold an European Driving license, you need to have an International Driving License.
  • All our rental cars are by default CWD-covered with an Excess (Own Risk) of €750for the Economy Category A,of €1200 for the Medium B Category and of €1500 for the Premium C & D category. For only €14 per day you can lower the excess (Own Risk) to €0,00. This is FWD-cover.
  • You’ll rent a car category. We have the right to change the type of car and provide you with another in the same category.