A pitstop with…Grieksblauw

In our quest on social media, we saw good reels of @Grieksblauw on Instagram. We were excited about the content that was published about Greece. It’s fresh and well informed. Every ‘Kalimera’ brought a smile on our face, looking forward to see the latest travel tips. We sat down with Wesley, Grieksblauw and asked him some questions.

When reading your website, Instagram, Facebook it feels like you are on a mission to make people come to Greece.  Grieksblauw, please tell our readers a bit about yourself. What inspired you in becoming a digital maker promoting travelling to Greece?

Yes, it is my mission! After a few times of visiting Greece, just for a beach vacation, I went on my first road trip through the Peloponnese. I was so impressed about this unspoiled part of Greece, that I wanted to share this “discovery”. A lot of my friends told me they never went to Greece and if they did, it was Crete or Corfu. Somehow the lesser known part of Greece was only discovered by the seniors. I think there is a lot to enjoy for the traveler younger than age 50 too. Besides that: who doesn’t like the Greek hospitality?! It’s unique! And yes, maybe there is some Greek blood running through my veins, but that is still not proven.

What do you like most about Greece?

The country is so diverse! Every region has something different to offer and I am sure I will need more than a lifetime to explore everything. And of course, the people and their hospitality make it easy to love the country.

What do you think about the Greek driving style?

The first impression is a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like there are no rules. I mean: Why not park your car next to another car, right in front of the shop…ON A BUSY MAINROAD?! On the other hand, in Holland we let traffic lights and traffic signs take over control and we forget to think for ourselves. Am I thinking like a Greek already?

When you book your Rental Cars, what are you looking for?

The price and reliability are leading. After that a (working) AC is MUST in summer when I plan a road trip. On the islands I just open the window of course.

What does your playlist look like while driving in Greece? Who is your favorite Greek singer?

I love Greek radio! I prefer hearing what’s popular during my visit. So, every trip has its own “song memory”. For example, “Horevo” from Michalis Hatzigiannis will always remind me of my visit to Syros.

What is your favorite Greek food? What do you miss the most when you are back in the Netherlands?

I am always looking for dishes that are not on the menu, but are on the stove in every Greek kitchen. Gigantes and everything that is Saganaki will make my day. Kolokithokeftedes is the dish that I use to check if the taverna is worth to come again. Luckily in my hometown Amsterdam I know where to find good Greek dishes too.

How does Kalamata-Messinia score on your ‘Grieksblauwe score’ board?

It’s an 8! And trust me, I have seen a lot of Greece already.

What your favorites activities in Kalamata-Messinia?

Everything with waterfalls, sailing along the coast and old Messini. Oh, I love the beach of Kalamata too! Do I have to choose one?

Do you have any future plans you would like to share with our readers. What are the trends this year?

The trend is still island-hopping at the Cyclades. That means that I have to work harder to show people that Greece has more to offer. Grieksblauw is not done yet! (or should we keep the real paradise to ourselves?)

Besides my travels, the website of Grieksblauw has priority this year. I have been travelling 10 times per year for the last 3 years and some experiences are not even on my website.

Please reveal us your next destination in Greece, we are so excited to hear!

Greece is a whole-year-destination! That’s why I start at the Peloponnese this year. In wintertime you don’t want to be on an island. I haven’t been to Kalavryta for example. But I love to just drive the beautiful Greek roads and see where I end up. Greece is adventure!

Grieksblauw (Wesley) thank you for this nice interview. We hope to greet you soon in May 2024 in Kalamata. We appreciate your trust in Master Holiday Kalamata to be part of the group trip you have planned, and look forward to all the adventures you will have.

Got excited? Take a quick look at  for Grieksblauw travel tips for Messinia for this nice interview.